Special Cut

Nature bent us special with one touch. DDPL create special with their human touch. Dharmanandan’s Special Cut diamond possesses the ability to add extra feather in being special, exemplary light return and a visual representation.

Diamond Time-Lapse

First time in the industry, A Blockchain enabled Diamond Time-Lapse report by DDPL is facilitating a diamond voyage from mine to finger with minute details of crafting and beautifying process.

Natural Assurance

DDPL performs stringent quality checks on various processes to ensure the diamond is natural and maintain the integrity by the Diamond Time-Lapse, a trustworthy technology.

Technology & Training

DDPL believes in enriching and supporting their valued retailers and employees. Their ingenious tech and well trained staff creates a delightful experience for their customers to navigate and buy with ease and satisfaction.


DDPL’s extensive rough diamond resources, infrastructure and workforce is capable of providing any scale of tailor made merchandise on a specific timeline.


DDPL Online Auctions offers a range of exceptional diamonds from the treasure of Dharmanandan in very effective and efficient way.