Save the Girl Child Mega Campaign

Social unbalance was observed in Gujarat due to alarming decline of number of females against male. To maintain the equilibrium, Dharmanandan Diamonds’ chairman Laljibhai Patel decided to run a massive movement on conceptual revolution in the society to stop female foeticide.

Inline to that, under the presidency of Laljibhai, Samast Patidar Samaj has planned Maha Laddu Beti Bachao Abhiyan. To encourage people to participate with empathy in this movement, handful of grains and a glass of water were collected from 2,35,000 households to create a gigantic bundi laddu of 300,000 kilogram with the diameter of 65 feet and 35 feet of height. Moreover, with an appeal to stop female foeticide and cultivate the attitude of equality towards girl child, 170,000 6-page informative booklets were distributed throughout the state.

The history made on 1st Jan 2006 when Surat witnessed a massive gathering of 12,00,000 people from entire Gujarat. With the presence of 1600 dignitaries of different community chaired on 7 huge daises, witnessing the prasada of Laddu, 1.2 million people took oath that we will never do female foeticide and prevent others doing the same.
Post the event prasada of which was delivered to 3.5 million families of Gujarat who also took oath for saving girl child while accepting prasada. Limca Book of Records has proudly acknowledged this program.

This vast movement helped improve gender ratio in Gujarat at 890 girls to 1000 boys in contrast to 761 girls in year 2006 and has created psychological change, people start believing that girls are in no way less than boys. The discrimination is reduced to the level that people started celebrating birth of girl child as same as they do for the birth of boy child which ultimately added about 100,000 more girl child in the state in last decade.

Media also regularly takes note of this activities and spread awareness in the society and helps to bring psychological change towards female foeticide.