Mega Art Event

Surat - The Diamond City had the "Mega Art Event" launched with the theme "Diamond - A Symbol of Love", aimed at promoting and highlighting the importance of the Diamond in one's life. The competition was an initiative of Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt Ltd, a diamond manufacturing company, in association with Gujarat Kala Pratishthan.

The event was inaugurated by Surat's well known theater personality; Mr. Yajdi Karanjiya, amidst the support of 1500 art interested audience. Participants from all over the Gujarat & Maharashtra submitted their art entries, having a satisfactory participation with 250 entries in total and to motivate all of them management has approved complimentary prize to all.
The Subject of paintings was spreading a message of love and passion, as human is invaluable creation of nature and since thousands of years human is sustaining its existence with love & emotions. Diamond is proven a medium of expressing love and feelings, since decades. This strong affection made Diamond as a Symbol of Love.

The intention of an event stands at "Colors for a Cause". Firstly, artists around the state will be served a recognized platform to show their talent & skills. Secondly, through this event Surat will take the initiative of generic support to the Indian diamond industry. And third is the noble cause, that the art created by artists will be auctioned in art galleries for the art appreciators. The fund derived from auction will be donated to NGOs involved in services for education & health of diamond worker's & their family.